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This is My Story!

  • 1981

    I was Born

    I was born on December 30th, 1981 to an artistic family in a small city in Israel called Rehovot. My old man was one of the first DJs in Israel and the proud owner of a charming and one of a kind record store in the early 80’s. So music, and especially vinyl, have surrounded me for as long as I can remember. It feels like becoming a DJ was my destiny.

  • 2004

    New York

    After completing three years in the Israeli army, I relocated to the Big Apple. I studied Hip Hop and scratching at the DJ Scratch Academy with some of the best DJs in the world such as Jam master Jay (RunDMC) and others.

  • 2005


    When I returned to Israel, I had the honor of working with some of the most popular Hip-Hop artists in the Israeli music industry. I was The Resident DJ of Subliminal (Rapper), The Tact Family, Shabak Samech and others.
    Among many of my musical ventures, I also volunteer as a coach for at-risk youth, exposing them to the world of DJing and providing them with “hands-on sessions”. This is one of the most meaningful and fulfilling experiences in my life.

  • 2008


    I’m extremely proud of what is probably my biggest achievement to date, and that is winning 3rd place in the most prestigious worldwide DJ competition, DMC, held in Tel Aviv in 2008.

  • ever


    I’ve been playing weddings forever. Every wedding has its own style and chic and the challenge is keeping the crowds on the dance floor while staying true to your freestyle. Over the years, I’ve successfully branded myself and find couples that tend to prefer a freestyle DJ that can play 8(!!) different styles in one night. This is quite a game changer compared to some of the other mainstream DJs out there. My musical versatility makes me a great choice for all sorts of events. Once I understand the needs and conditions, I adapt and perform! This is me, this is my ideology. I love to think and search for the creative sides in me.
    At the end of the night, the best feedback is when someone turns around and asks: “Who is this DJ?!”

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Runs the World


Kana is my Australian Shepherd and is the most funky dog in the world.

She is very important to me as she is the love of my life, so I thought this deserved a tab…

Well actually, she sometimes advises me what music to play and often attends my meetings.

Nice to meet you =)


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